Ritalin Alternatives: Teach Your Child Focus & Self-Control without Ritalin or ADHD drugs

Ritalin Alternatives ...

... Natural Approaches to Helping Kids Overcome ADD and ADHD In this article, we will explore two alternatives to giving your child ritalin. Be sure to read the article in its entirety to determine which approach (or maybe both) will be best for your child.

The first approach is a natural supplement that a handful of my subscribers have written to me about, wanting to share the news of their success with other parents. This supplement is called Focus ADHD In the testimonials I've read, parents claimed they noticed positive changes in their child within 1-2 weeks or so of regularly administering the natural supplement. Since this is a holistic supplement, there are no worries of side-effects or addiction. I'm a firm believer that the brain needs nutrients in order to function well.

The second ritalin alternative is a program that gives kids the tools they need to change their behavior. Developed by social worker and therapist James Lehman, who has over thirty years of experience helping clients (including kids with ADD & ADHD) with severe behavioral problems, the program teaches strategies for learning how to curb impulses and gain self-control. This method is much more effective than drugs because your child learns coping skills that he will use throughout his life.

Another thing I like about this program, is that Lehman understands behavioral problems from the inside out. As a toddler, he was abandoned by his parents and put up for adoption. As a result of this abandonment, he had severe behavioral problems as a child and adolescent.

Essentially, Lehman teaches parents how to give kids the tools they need to develop social skills and learn to manage impulses and behavior. As kids with ADD and ADHD learn how to transform their behavior, they experience what it feels like to get along with others which makes for a happy kid, happy parents and a happy home. Kids with severe behavioral issues will learn how to curb destructive impulses, reduce outbursts and control their anger. Learning how to apply the principles in this program is quickly and highly effective. For more information, click on ritalin alternative.

If you want to help your child avoid the side-effects and stigma of taking drugs, you might consider combining the cognitive approach with natural supplements to train the mind and body while nourishing the brain with the nutrients it needs to function properly. In other words, both methods can work together to help your child achieve success at school and home.

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