Relationship Help for Those Who Yearn for a Better Life

If you're in need of relationship help because you've gone through a divorce, a string of unfulfilling dating relationships, are a single parent or are biding your time in a passionless marriage, then pat yourself on the back for staying true to your desires.

People are hungry for close, loving relationships. Humans want and need to be together--to share the joys, triumphs, tragedies and struggles of life with someone special.

If finding that special someone is your dream, the help that you've been searching for is within your grasp and doesn't require expensive marriage counseling. Creating a healthy dating relationship or marriage begins with you and your views about love. When you change yourself, you will change the type of people you attract into your life.

You can create a close, loving relationship, no matter what yourpast history or current situation...

Relationship Help Tips:

  • Be honest with yourself. In order to be honest with others, you must first be honest with yourself. Who are you? What do you like? What do you dislike? In what areas are you willing to make concessions?
  • What do you want in a mate? Forget the stereotype of "tall, dark and handsome" or "blonde and big-busted." What qualities of character are you searching for? Although physical attraction is important, it is only one component of a healthy relationship.
  • Join groups that are into things that you've never done before, but always dreamed of doing. For instance, if you've always thought that repelling down a mountain side would be pretty cool, join a mountain-climbing group. You will meet people that you would not have been exposed to otherwise and open yourself up to new challenges and experiences.
  • Ask yourself if your ideas about your "ideal partner" are standing in your way of having a relationship. This is a very important relationship help tip. Often, those who cannot seem to find a mate, compare every person against their ideal. Of course, no one can measure up to an ideal because everyone you meet is human and humans have strengths and weaknesses. Allow yourself to let go of your ideal, just have fun and get to know the person you are friends with or dating. It's the adventure of getting to know someone who really lets you into your heart that will give you the experience of knowing what makes a true relationship.

  • Are you acting from your parents' beliefs? For instance, did your parents forbid you to marry someone outside your race, religion or culture? If so, rethink these ideas. Open yourself up to experience and to getting to know people whom you never would have considered before. The heart loves who it will. The heart has its own reasons which often have little to do with the mind.
Try these ideas on for six months or so. If they don't work for you, you can always seek relationship help from a counselor or therapist.

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