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my 19 y/o daughter moved into an apartment in a new town to go to college (no dorms available). She has had a lot of trouble making friends which is unusual because she has a very outgoing personality. She basically goes to class then home. She doesn't seem to have any interests.

I have tried getting her to go to the gym because in the past she was very active in cheerleading. I can't get her to do anything and she seems to be getting more and more withdrawn. She also, about a month ago, was dumped by her boyfriend. She never saw it coming and honestly thought they would eventually marry. Any advise is much appreciated.

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Feb 26, 2012
Reclusive Teen May Be Depressed
by: Laura Ramirez

It sounds to me like your reclusive teen may be depressed. Think about it: she's had some big life changes recently that are high on the list of psychosocial stressors:

1. She moved away to go to school and is in a new environment

2. She doesn't have the social support of friends and family at home

3. Her boyfriend left her

She's also exhibiting a pretty extreme personality change: she was outgoing and now is withdrawn.

The first thing I would do is get her on some natural mood enhancers for depression so her brain gets the nourishment it needs to start producing feel-good neurotransmitters again.

Make sure she is eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and whole foods.

Get her to a psychologist or therapist. There should be a program for students on her campus.

If things don't improve, she needs to come home. This is not a failure. She is overwhelmed and needs your help. Whatever you do, don't ignore the warning signs. Get your daughter help.

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