rape, injury, hell

by Smiley

I was physically abused from the time I was a baby and the sexual abuse started when I was 3. I started running away at age 13, at age 14 I was gang raped by 4 grown men for an entire day and night. I have never had a legal job, I have no education and basically no life. Maybe I am a sick person but I cannot get enough sex and I crave the abuse I suffered as a child. I tried getting therapy but since I am poor the only therapy available is at free clinics and they make things even worse. My first "therapy" session consisted of the person telling me about the abuse she went through and then telling me to accept the part I played in the abuse I suffered. Anyways I left her office a mess and tried to kill myself, sustained another brain injury, spent months in hospital before being dumped back onto the streets. I suffered 18+++ years of horrific abuse, fought for 10++ years to get help only to be denied time and time again and to me that was the worst part. To be lied to and to be treated as less then human by healthcare workers who claim to care was worse then the abuse I suffered by my family, the foster care system and strangers because at least the latter never pretended to care.

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