Racist Father

by Zulmarai

I am a Latina mother with a beautiful biracial baby girl she's mixed with African American her father doesn't accept or acknowledge her because she is half Latin. She's never met her father and I am unaware of what her culture is like for instance what foods. I only dated her father two months.

Should I contact her family from her dad's side.
I don't know them I am very scared her grand mother will reject her as well for being half Latin.

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Sep 29, 2011
Biracial Baby
by: Laura Ramirez

I understand that you are frightened that your biracial baby's grandmother might reject her for being half Latin, but you must do all you can to act in the best interests of your child and this means stepping outside your comfort zone. If I were in your shoes, I would contact the grandmother with an open heart (trusting that her attitude may be different from her son's). Tell her that you understand how important it is for your baby and her granddaughter to grow up with experiences, stories and understandings of both her cultures and ask her if she would help.

If the woman rejects you and your baby, then perhaps you can find someone else within the culture who understands the importance of cultural identity and is not crippled by prejudice.

Good luck to you.

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