Racing Stripes Movie: An Endearing Family Movie

Racing Stripes movie is the story of a zebra foal who is accidentally left behind by a traveling circus during a rainstorm. The zebra (voice over by Frankie Muniz of Malcolm in the Middle) is found when a rancher and retired horse trainer Nolan Walsh happens across it while driving down a country road. The rancher brings the zebra home much to the delight of his teenage daughter Channing (played by Panettiere).

Racing Stripes Movie Cast:

Frankie Muniz
Hayden Pantierre
Dustin Hoffman
David Spade
Bruce Greenwood
Snoop Dogg
Joe Pantoliano
Whoopie Goldberg
Jeff Foxworthy

The zebra is welcomed by a barnyard of talking animals (ala Charlotte's Web). There is a shetland pony (Dustin Hoffman), a goat (Whoopee Goldberg), a rooster (Jeff Foxworthy), a goose (who is running from the mob and is played with great hilarity by Joe Pantoliano) and a variety of other characters.

The central action of Racing Stripes movie revolves around the zebra's dream of becoming a race horse (for the first part of the movie he thinks he is a horse) and his desire to compete in the Kentucky Open. Although this is a movie about overcoming prejudice and self-doubt to aspire to one's highest, this is not a formula movie.

The zebra's dreams are cut short by Nolan's refusal to let his daughter race or to train another race horse, in particular a zebra. Once, he was a trainer of champions, but when his wife was killed after falling off her horse during a race, he lost his heart for it. He is terrified that his daughter will follow in her mother's footsteps.

Of course she does which leads to some interesting father-daughter interactions. As Channing tries to convince her father that she will not share her mother's fate, the zebra struggles to believe that he can outrun a racehorse.

Racing Stripes movie is full of interesting, dimensional characters. Only the bad guys are stereotypically mean. There's the Goose (played by Joe Pantaliano) who is running from the mob and talks tough, yet is terrified of every little noise. There's the Shetland pony who is the secret weapon behind every racehorse the Walsh Ranch has produced.

The movie is full of humor that is geared both to children and adults. Kids will love the gross antics of Buzz and Scuzz, two flies who contribute strategically to the action of the movie.

Racing Stripes Parent Movie Reviews Rating:

5 stars (out of 5)

Racing Stripes Kid Movie Reviews Rating:

My kids gave this movie 5 stars (out of 5).

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