Punishing child for not talking?

My grandson is 31 months old. He is a smart child who exhibits good reasoning skills for his age. He can quickly pick up on what you are doing, follows multiple step directions well, and will mimic actions he's seen several days prior. The problem is he isn't talking yet. He says a few words, and many times he says partial words.

We know he hears and has the ability to make sounds. His doctor said he is fine, dont worry.

Now my daughter has been convinced by someone to force him to talk and punishing him when he doesn't by refusing to give him what he wants and/or putting him in time out. My concern is that by forcing him to talk and punishing him, they will make him nervous and angry.

Should I be concerned or butt-out? Are there any ways besides punishment and denial to encourage his speech development?

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Dec 26, 2011
No way
by: Anonymous

You should never ever punish a child for not talking, not only is that abuse, but it is unfair to the child. If the child is understanding commands, then look at why might not he be talking. Take him to a speech therapist to get him evaluated, he should be talking by this age.. be able to carry on a simple conversation so there probably is a reason he isn't talking... but it could be simple reason or maybe something else going on. When offering say, a cookie.. ask " do you want a cookie?" and if he nods, say " yes you want a cookie" reinforce words, give him simple vocab to respond too. Look in your area if there is a place you can get an evaluation done, some places have free evaluations but depends were you go. But never ever punish a child for that... would she like to be punished for something she couldn't do..... I think not.

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