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That's good because you only get once chance to give your baby the best possible start in life. I've always said that good parenting begins in the womb. By taking care of yourself, you are taking care of your baby, making it more likely that you will carry your baby to term, enjoy a complication-free birth and most important, bring a healthy child into the world.

Pregnancy Advice - Dietary Tips

Eat a balanced diet of whole foods. Think foods straight from the earth—whole grains, fruit, lightly steamed vegetables. Although you will have cravings and they may change throughout the pregnancy, try to avoid caffeine and sugar as much as possible. Stay away from alcohol and other drugs. Although some pregnant women feel it's okay to have a glass of wine, I don't think it's worth the risk. If you avoid drugs completely, you'll know you did all you could to provide your unborn child the essential nutrients for its growth. Drink lots of water to keep you and your baby well-hydrated and take pre-natal vitamins.

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Pregnancy Advice: Exercise

When I was pregnant, I was told that I should exercise as I usual. Fortunately, I worked out regularly. So there I was: in the gym, doing leg presses (with 350 pounds stacked up on the machine), when a guy approached me and asked me if I should really be doing that much weight. I told him that my doctor had recommended that I continue my routine. I exercised until the last two weeks of pregnancy. My baby was delivered healthy and full-term. A nice little perk: I felt strong and healthy throughout my pregnancy.

If you don't exercise, I recommend you start, but do something relatively easy and refreshing, like talking a nice brisk walk in the morning or after dinner. Don't start a strenuous exercise routine if you don't already have one and don't do things that could be dangerous, where you might fall and injure your unborn child, like roller blading or skiing. Ultimately, of course, what you do is up to you, but realize that as soon as you discover you are pregnant, you become responsible for the life inside of you in addition to your own.

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Pregnancy Advice: Relaxation

It's important to relax as much as possible while you're pregnant. Your life is about to change in a way that is incomprehensible and this alone creates stress. Even if this isn't your first child, your life will change as everyone in your family accommodates to make room for the baby.

One of the natural products that I used to keep myself calm and centered throughout both my pregnancies was Mind Still Flower Essences. This is completely natural and holistic product that promotes serenity and women's wisdom. A calm mother makes for a calm child.

Aside from taking natural supplements, find activities that relax and refresh you. Take time to meditate, nap or write in a journal. Be honest about your feelings. If you have issues with your partner, gather the courage to address them, so they can be worked out before the baby arrives. If you need counseling, now is the time to get it. Don't assume the baby will solve your problems, when it takes two mature adults to solve their issues.

Create a space for the baby, whether that means decorating the spare room or creating a separate area in another room. Preparing a physical space for your baby will help you prepare psychologically for this special new member of your family.

Finally, if you're nervous about the birthing process itself, I recommend the use of flower essences. They will help transform your anxiety about labor and birth into confidence and determination and help integrate your emotional, spiritual and physical participation in labor and delivery.

Remember, the best pregnancy advice is all about giving your baby and you the best possible start.

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