Potty Training: At the end of my rope

by Tammy
(East Hartford,CT)



Please, I need help and advise! My 3-year old girl is going back and forth with potty training. I can't seem to get her to go without a treat or bribery of some sort, and sometimes that doesn't even work. I feel like I have tried just about everything I can think of. Although, If I have company, and I or they ask her, she is willing to go for them, like she is showing off or wants praise (which I do give her also).

Here is the latest problem: when I ask her and can get her to sit on the potty, she doesn't go. She puts back on her pull-up, then takes off her pull up in a different room, and pees on purpose, I feel. Then she runs to me and tells me. What is going on, and what am I doing wrong or not doing right?

Please help me!


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