Post Traumatic Stress

by Rine

I am 49 and the daughter of parents who lived through WWII. Both parents went through lots of trauma during their war experiences. A lot of anger, unresolved conflict, and both physical and verbal abuse is what I experienced in my teen years. All this was understood 10 years ago .My parents never thought about therapy, both were very strong willed in their characters and stubborn in other ways. I recall a therapist after the second session suggested I get a work book, like this would resolve all the issues. I changed therapists. I experienced the belt that hit my back, my face slapped by a crazy aunt, all the verbal abuse/bullying about me being blamed for financial struggles, my fault, me, me, me....

I did contribute in a lot of ways too. Their secrecy about why they never got further financially and sheltering my siblings and I to indirectly support them. So much torment. My faith did redirect all this. All I can do is forgive them they went through a lot, but it's still not right to abuse anybody.

I ended up marrying an abusive husband and thank god divorced him. My favorite bible passage is in jeremiah, allow me to edit it, in areas that have helped me heal in my life..."For i know the plans that I have for you, says the Lord, plans that will not harm you rine, but plans that will help rine with hope and a future." Jesus got me through all of this mess! Amen.

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