Possibly odd

by Bella
(Minneapolis, MN)

My step daughter who does not live with us is 9 yrs old, turning 10 in a month.

She lives in Cali and we live in MN. I have watched over the last few yrs her behavior getting worse and really odd.

She has always been a strong willed child. However, lately when she visits us she has been putting boogers on the walls. Leaving poop in her panties and hiding them under the bed. We have talked to her, taken toys away, and have even had her clean the walls after smearing stuff on it. However, it hasn't helped.

Is this odd?? Or normal ?

I am at the end of the rope. I actually dread her visits now since all this has happened. There is a number of other things I could share but thought I would brief you on what is going on.


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Aug 04, 2012
Telling Child Behavior
by: Laura Ramirez

Thanks for reaching out about what I consider to be "telling" child behavior. Whenever a child starts hiding or playing with feces this is a sign that there has been some sort of trauma, regression or both. The fact that the child doesn't care about her sleeping environment and puts boogers on the wall is not good either.

Give her a box of tissues to keep by the bed and talk to her mother about what's going on. If you don't trust that she's being properly taken care of, take her to a therapist to find out what's causing the regressive behavior.

Hope this helps.

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