Poop every parent loves a good poop story

by Travis
(Saskatchewan Canada)

Just thought I would share a little poop story you might find funny.

Jesse my 10 month old boy has been pooping in the potty off and on. Yes I do realize that this is potty training the parent not the child at this stage but it worked for my cousin so hey why not!
If I know hes trying I plop him on the potty.

I was making supper and noticed his red face and him sitting in the corner so I grab him pull down his pants, pop the buttons on his onsies and get the diaper off in time for one little turd to fall on the floor.

I whip out the Diego seat unfold with one hand him in the other. Set him down hear one turd hit the water. Good deal we are even one in potty one on floor. He goes to grab for my bunny hug string setting the seat off balance even tho I'm holding him it tips scaring him. Now I have a poopy bummed little kicking and screaming boy. Ill just plop him back in the diaper but oh no when I took it off the stick tab stuck to the inside and glued it shut.

Meanwhile he's pooped more on the floor got poop on his hand and managed to find my bunny hug string again. Restraining him I run into the bedroom clean hand, clean bum, new diaper set him to play in his room wash my hands, new bunny hug, wash toilet seat, Diego toilet seat, floor of bathroom, throw out old diaper, wash hands. Go back to room where he has finished filling his diaper. I'm really hoping for better luck next time.

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