Planning a New Addition to Our Interracial Family

by Christopher Romero
(USS Nimitz CVN68,FPO,AP)

Hi, my question is: my wife who is Brazillian/African and I am Mexican/Caucasian and my wife has two beautiful twin daughters. Our concern is how will the twins interact with their biracial brother/sister?

I know that it took a while for the girls to feel comfortable with me to where they consider me as their daddy. We try to teach them things about both of our cultures. My parents love the girls very much. We teach them about how to deal with racism at school and outside of school. We get a lot of looks and questions.

It's sad that how things have advanced over the years, but the human race is still in the dark ages when it comes about racism and keeping the races separate. But we don't feed into that ignorance and we don't let the girls accept or feed into racial undertones. They are really good at letting us know when someone says something that is prejudiced.

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Jun 18, 2012
cultural differences not race is the issue
by: JT

parenting encompasses a number of different aspects, including culture, beliefs, values, goals and behaviours. i am a hands-on dad to 3 biracial kids. my wife is a Thai and im caucasian. to be honest, cultural differences can sometimes get in the way with parenting although we can always agree that all we want is whats best for our children. i knew some of my western-thai couple friends here in Thailand who got divorced because of cultural differences- sad but true. cultural issues are real.

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