Photos of My Future Husband's Child in Our House

by Sammy
(New York )

My fiancé and I live in two different states, approximately 8 hours away from each other.

I am in the process of relocating to a home we are purchasing from his family. He has been
living there for the past 9 months alone.

I have not yet met his daughter, who is 13-years-old. We wanted to do that when I was living in the new house together.

I felt uncomfortable even thinking this way, but, I am finding myself resentful of the fact that he already has photos of his daughter in a main area of our home. I have not even chosen paint colors and I feel as if it belongs to he and his daughter. I feel uncomfortably insecure about such a thing.

I guess I'm just wondering what other people think of this.

All responses welcomed.

Thank you for reading.

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