How Personalized Child Books Engage a Child's Imagination and Teach New Skills

Personalized child books make excellent gifts for children. A child loves seeing her name in print and listens with rapt attention when she's read a story that has her first name sprinkled throughout. What makes personalized books valuable learning tools is that when a child hears her name in the story, it engages her on a deeper level. Experience has taught me that when a child hears her name within the story, she more clearly imagines herself taking the actions described in the book. This is important because it is imagination that first makes new actions possible.

When a parent or grandparent reads personalized child books, it is like an affirmation for the child, but better. In her mind's eye, the child sees herself taking the actions in the story. Even better, the narrator or storyteller is a powerful figure in her life--her mother, father, grandparent or significant caretaker--who is guiding her imagination. By imagining herself as a person who can take the character's actions, she becomes a person who can.

As you can guess, personalized books are particularly effective when trying to teach a child a certain skill. For instance, I potty-trained both my boys by first reading them a personalized book that emphasized how nice it was to not have to endure wet or messy diapers and how good it felt to be a big kid who wore underpants, rather than a baby. Since reading personalized child books to my boys made them the central character of the story, they easily imagined themselves going on the toilet, rather than in their pants. This made potty-training effortless.

This concept applies to the whole spectrum of personalized gifts which make excellent birthday, holiday and Christmas gifts.

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