How a Simple Paternity Test Replaces Doubt with Peace of Mind

There are many reasons to do a paternity test. The use of a simple home test to confirm the parentage of a child is the most common form of genetic testing. Why would someone want to test for paternity? Although there are many reasons for genetic testing (see the stories below), the most common reason is to confirm a biological relationship between a parent and a child.

Why consider a paternity test?

To Take Responsibility

"A girl whom I'd dated off and on came to me with the news that I was a dad. I'd never had a child in my life before and I began to panic. What to do?! If true, this would impact my life forever! Before any decision could be made I had to KNOW for sure if the child was actually mine. When I called the testing agency, their staff was friendly and courteous, and offered answers to all of my questions. Once the kit arrived, I followed the simple instructions that came with it and then sent the lab samples back. How easy was that? A fewdays later, I received a letter with the DNA test results telling me that the child was over 99.99% mine. I can finally look into her eyes and feel at ease knowing that I did the right thing."

Tim McCoy

Devastated Father Gets His Day in Court

"I'm married with two children, but am separated from my spouse. I've been paying child support for more than five years. Thanks to GeneTree I was able to do a private DNA test on both of my children. I was so devastated when I got the Paternity Analysis Report that I thought I was going to die. The report read that the probability of paternity was 0% for both of my children. I took this case to court and the Paternity Test served as evidence. It was proven in court that the DNA test analysis was true. The court dismissed the child support and freed me of responsibility."

Pedro Hernandez.

Doubting Father Learns the Truth

"I recently found out that my wife had been with another man a few times early in our marriage. Well, I wasn't exactly a saint back then either. That was a long time ago in our relationship and we truly forgave and forgot. The problem was, our son had been conceived around that time and I kept wondering if he was my biological son. I tried to forget about it, thinking that I raised and loved him, so it didn't matter. But the idea kept eating at me and was subconsciously undermining our relationship. So I had the paternity test done. You can't imagine the relief I felt when I read the report that I am indeed his father. My nagging doubts are gone for good and we couldn't be a happier family."


Finding Affordable DNA Testing

"My ex-girlfriend told me that I might be the father of her child. Not knowing for sure was driving me crazy all throughout the 9 months of her pregnancy, but I helped her as much as I could and planned to have a paternity test done after the child was born. Little did I know, it wouldn't be as simple as I thought. Every hospital and pathology lab in the city told me that I needed to go through child support, a process that could take two months or longer to get the results. There was only one place that accepted walk-ins and they were asking $600.00 cash to be paid in full at the time of service. Finally, I did some research on the Internet and came across this service. It sounded too good to be true! But I went ahead and ordered a paternity test kit. I receivedthe results of my home paternity test in ten days. I was pleased with the fast, affordable and professional service, and even happier to know for a sure that I am the Father. I would recommend this service to anyone."

Shawn Curran

Military Man Finds Long Distance Stress Relief

"Being a military member stationed overseas made it very difficult for me to arrange a paternity test for my child born stateside. It would have been very costly for me to fly back to the states and take a one-on-one paternity test with my child. After comparing several different paternity test companies, I found the service that was the most convenient and inexpensive. The GeneSwab test was simple to use and perfect for my long distance situation. In addition, after the test was mailed back to the company I received my results back within 10 days! Now, I can allow myself to be a happy father without any doubts! Thank you!"

LaMorris Glover

Proof for the Grandparents

"My brother has 2 children from a previous relationship. The mother of the children recently died and the maternal grandparents refused to allow my brother to be in the children's lives. They claimed my brother was not their biological father and would not agree to a DNA test to help us prove otherwise. I heard about this from a friend and mentioned it to my brother. Because of you, he was able to prove that those children were his. Now my brother not only has custody of my niece and nephew, but has a good relationship with their grandparents as well. Your services were great, your response time was excellent and your prices were reasonable. Because of you, my niece and nephew are only dealing with the loss of ONE parent instead of two. Thank you so much for making us a happy family again."


Entrapment Avoided

"A woman from my husband's past decided to "confess" to my husband that he was the father of her 14-year-old daughter. This was very upsetting to my family, as not only did this woman tell this to my husband but also chose to tell her daughter, who in turn told our daughter. It was something that we really did not believe but did not want to dismiss either in case it was true. If my husband was truly the biological father we needed to accept parental responsibility for the sake of this child, and our two children needed to know if they had a sister or not. We feel everyone deserves to know the truth, especially the children. I found your web site and ordered the DNA kit immediately. It took some time to convince the mother that this test should be done and the truth known so we could all handle this situation properly. We had mother and daughter come to our house and all three did the swabs and sealed their envelopes. It was very simple and painless. We did not want to upset this little girl anymore than necessary. The test came back showing a 0% probability of my husband being the biological father. We were not surprisedat the results. It was the best thing we could have done to put our minds at ease. GeneTree gave us an affordable, painless and accurate way to find out the truth of a very personal and emotional situation. Thank you."

Sondra Bowden

Bitter Spouse Refuted by the Evidence

"I used your services to determine if my son was indeed mine. My ex was spreading rumors that he wasn't, although she was quite happy to continue receiving child support payments from me. Now I know for sure that my son is mine, and the knowledge is a huge relief. Thank you!"

Greg Hill

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