Parents Alcohol Consumption Affects Teens Drinking Habits

by Rita Montoya
(LA, CA)

If you have a problem with alcohol, seek help, if not for yourself, then for the health of your teens. This is essential because studies have shown that the drinking behavior of parents directly and indirectly influences the drinking behavior of kids.

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Kids who witness their parents drinking alcohol are more likely to use alcohol themselves. Also, parents who drink are less likely to monitor their kids, thus missing tell-tale signs of alcohol and drug abuse. If parents want their kids to grow up drug-free, they must lead by example.

The bottom line is that parents are children's role models and need to take a close look at their behavior if they want to kids who can side-step the traps of alcohol and drug use.

For more on learning to lead by example, see this parenting book. Although it uses native ideas which may be new to you, it helps you take a clear-eyed look at your behavior. Personally, I found it very helpful.

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