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On this page you'll find our recommended list of affiliate programs for parenting sites and other types of sites. These are programs we use on our site and highly recommend due to their honesty, quality product line and excellent customer service. While some of this programs are specific to parenting-related sites, others are more general and will work for any site. If you are an affiliate manager and would like to list your program on our site, please use the Contact Us link on the Navigation bar to the left to tell us about your program.

If you have not yet built a web site yet, we recommend SiteBuildIt, the program that we used to build this site and a number of other sites by simply typing text into boxes. We have been using this application since 2000 and consider it the best web site building and hosting service on the web.

Parenting Websites Recommended Affiliate Programs

Linkshare is an affiliate program that offers hundreds of thousands of products that you can recommend from your site in many different categories, all conveniently located on one platform. You can sign up to represent various merchants and receive one check from Linkshare which takes care of all the tracking and affiliate payments.

Another affiliate platform, ShareaSale, also offers hundreds of thousands of merchants to choose from. There is everything from jewelry to toys to clothing to electronics.

Another excellent affiliate program that we have used for years offers all-natural, holistic products that treat a variety of different ailments for family members and pets. The product offering ranges from remedies for ADHD, menopause, hormonal issues after childbirth, weightloss to treatments for pet urinary infections. Best of all they feature a lifetime affiliate program. This means that once a web visitor purchases an item through your affiliate link, all future sales are credited to your account whether they use your link again or not. You will even be credited if the customer calls and places an order. Click here to fill out the application and earn 25 percent and lifetime commissions on referrals referrals. This is one of our favorite affiliate programs.

Selling Your Ebooks

If you have written an ebook and want to set it up so it can be promoted on web sites around the world which will exponentially increase your sales, we recommend the Clickbank affiliate program. Take advantage of Clickbank's established platform and hundreds of thousands of resellers around the world to get the word out about your ebook and increase sales dramatically.

Shopping Carts for Parenting Websites

If you want to sell your own product from your site (for instance, I sell the award-winning parenting book I wrote from my site), use Paypal to set up your shopping cart. It's easy, there's no long application, no lease fees and the percentage charged per sale (called the discount fee) is very reasonable. I've set up shopping carts on other sites and Paypal is by far the best solution.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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