Parenting Tips for Preschoolers - Teaching Your Kids to Get Along with Others

The most effective parenting tips for preschoolers are those that focus on teaching them how to get along with other kids. In

essence, a preschool is the place where your child will have their first social interactions outside of the home. Kids from small families can get overwhelmed by the sudden presence of a group of other children, leading to childhood stress. To prevent this and other forms of preschool-related distress, consider the five parenting tips for your little one listed below.
  • Patiently explain that preschool is all about sharing.

    Kids, especially those who do not have siblings, may feel like the world revolves around them because of the attention of doting parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. In preschool, kids are expected to share books, toys, and treats. They will also take part in group and team activities, with chores and tasks divided among them so they can learn to interact with each other well. In this case, one of the most important parenting tips for preschoolers to follow would be to sit down with your child and patiently explain that preschool is about learning how to share with other kids. This will help them develop important social skills in preschool and beyond.

  • Hold plenty of conversations at home to make your child a good listener.

    Learning to connect with others by way of effective communication is one of the basic aims of preschool. You can encourage this by holding lots of conversations at home with your child. Always remember that toddler to preschool-aged kids cannot verbally convey what they mean right away, so learn to listen actively and patiently to what they have to say.

    Parenting tips for preschoolers focusing on proper communicating skills are helpful for broadening their vocabulary and refining their conversational abilities. Some useful methods to promote these would be to keep distractions (television, computer, toys, and games) away while you talk, and to avoid finishing your preschooler’s sentence even if they have a hard time finding the right word.

  • Encourage simple problem solving.

    Even the simplest problems can prove to be character-building for kids. Encourage your preschooler to solve problems without stepping in and doing things for them. You will not be helping them by doing so. Allow your child to pour out milk for their cereal, climb a footstool to get something from a shelf, put on their clothes, or attempt to accomplish something to show their independence. One of the best parenting tips for preschoolers in this scenario is to watch from a safe distance, and only step in or interrupt when potential accidents seem likely in a situation.

  • Have daily reading and writing sessions together.

    A child’s imagination is at its peak in the formative years. Take advantage of this by having daily reading, writing, and even drawing sessions together. School can only do so much in the few hours a day your child attends it. Creative parenting tips for preschoolers include encouraging them to explore their imagination and have them express it in many different ways.

  • Compliment even small accomplishments to give them confidence.

    One of the most essential parenting tips for preschoolers involves confidence building in small but concrete ways. Laughing when your child dresses up in what they think are appropriate daily clothes is a no-no. So do not frown, make fun of, or tell them to change into normal clothes when they show up in a tutu over their jeans, or with a polka dotted top matched with striped or checkered pants. Kids need to feel supported, loved, and appreciated, and showing independence in small ways is an accomplishment in itself.

    You can applaud their efforts and teach them the proper way of doing things without harming their self-esteem. In the case of funny mixed clothes, say something like, "That is a very nice outfit you put together, but I’m afraid you might rip your favorite tutu at the playground."

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