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... since everyone has a unique personality, everyone has their own way of bringing up their children. At Family Matters Parenting Magazine, I celebrate the individuality of parents, just as I celebrate the uniqueness of each child. As such, I offer articles that support various values, whether that means you are a Christian and your religion dictates your parenting beliefs, a natural parent who believes in living in concert with the earth or a lesbian parent.

What matters most to me is that you love, care for and act in the best interests of your child. Since I see "our love for children" as a potential meeting place, I see it as a way that we can stand on common ground. Although we may not agree about certain lifestyle choices, we can agree that what each of us wants most is what is best for the children as a whole.

As such articles on various types of parenting appear below. I hope I've written one that meets your needs and inspires you to be the best parent you can be. (In addition to writing articles about parenting lifestyles, I've also included parenting styles like attachment parenting, authoritarian parenting, etc.)

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