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5 Parenting Programs that Help Parents Solve Tough Problems

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On this page, you'll find parenting programs that are designed to solve specific issues. Every program mentioned on this page has been reviewed by our staff and comes highly recommended. If you are facing tough issues in your family or in your relationship with your spouse or children, take a look at our recommendations.

Parenting Programs for defiant, disrespectful, oppositional kids or kids who are disrespectful and always fighting.

For the parents of kids who are generally aggressive, defiant, throw temper tantrums at the drop of a hat, are inattentive (applies to aggressive kids with ADD or ADHD) or refuse to follow the rules, we recommend this parenting program

It's just a fact that some kids need stronger limits than others in order to learn how to behave appropriately, get their work done at home and at school and treat others with respect. Sometimes when parents finally realize that their children or teens need help and need it now, they just don't know how to enforce the limits, especially with kids whose bad behavior has escalated in such a way that attempts at discipline or even punishment do not phase them.

Often kids with these symptoms are diagnosed as having oppositional defiant disorder (O.D.D.). This behavior can also show itself in a chronic negative attitude (especially to those in charge), disobedience, the need to be disruptive and inability to get along with siblings or peers and hostility. Since this can progress to juvenile delinquency and even antisocial behavior in adulthood, it is serious and needs to be address.

The parenting program we recommend is inexpensive (especially when compared to the cost of therapy) and can be used at home. You'll learn simple techniques for turning your child's behavior around. Best of all, there is a 30-day free trial.

Parenting Programs - Help with ADHD

One of the symptoms of ADHD which is frustrating for kids and parents is the inability to focus. If a child cannot concentrate, he cannot learn easily, follow directions or stay on task. This affects his performance in school, at home and his ability to get along with others. Most of all, it damages his self esteem and his sense of competency.

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to teach a child to focus is with a behavioral program that progressively teaches him the coping skills to learn how to quiet his mind, so he can focus.

This ability to calm himself and concentrate will become a skill that your child will use throughout his life. Best of all, this at home behavioral program makes it so you can be the one to teach him this skill which is a great opportunity for bonding. Like the program above, it is available for a free trial, so you can see how it works first. The program was created by a noted psychologist who developed to help his own son overcome the symptoms of ADHD without drugs.

Parenting Programs - Parent Relationships

Conscious parents understand that their relationship with each other forms the basis for the kind of relationship their child will one day have with their spouse. The cardinal rule in love is that we seek what we know because it seems safe and familiar.

If you and your spouse are constantly fighting, if you don't treat each other with respect of know how to meet each other's needs to create a marriage in which love deepens over time, then you will pass these behaviors on to your children. When you think about it, this is a setup for an unhappy marriage. Since studies show that a good marriage extends life and our sense of overall happiness, working on your marriage is something all couples need to do, not just for themselves, but for their children.

In this groundbreaking relationship program that I have recently had to the privilege to go through, it is pointed out that falling in love is easy, but staying in love takes work because you need to learn the skills that nurture, sustain and deepen the love in a marriage.

I can't say enough about this program. It is has something of great value to offer every married couple, no matter where you are in your marriage. It will even work in marriages where one partner is reluctant or unwilling because as you change the way you treat your spouse, your spouse will naturally change in response. As you go through the program and watch these formerly rigid couples learn how to reach each other again, you will be moved to tears. Having a happy, life long marriage is possible if you learn the skills to make this happen. Every couple deserves to have a fulfilling marriage and your children deserve to grow up in a loving home with parents who love and support each other, share common values and treat each other with respect.

This relationship program will save you thousands of dollars in therapy costs, can be used in the privacy and comfort of your home and is available for a free 30-day trial. I guarantee that you'll find it so enlightening, you won't consider returning it.

Parenting Programs - Raising Children to Develop their Strengths While Overcoming the Negative Aspects of Your Childhood

Rather than do what most parents do—raise your children exactly as you were raised—break free from the mold and learn how to raise your children to lead lives of meaning, purpose and contribution. As a parent, there is no greater gift you can give your child than the tools to lead a fulfilling life.

In this unique parenting book, you'll learn how to raise children to develop their strengths, so they become progressively aware of who they are and how to bring their strengths and talents to the table to create a better world for us all. The book draws on little known wisdom from the Native American culture (such as the vision quest, good medicine, spiritual nature, etc) and developmental psychology.

More than just a book on parenting, it gently encourages parents to grow beyond the traumas, wounds and disappointments from their childhood, so they can become better parents and more conscious human beings. Winner of the Nautilus Award for books that promote conscious living and social change.

Parenting Programs - Our online parenting class is held every quarter, is six weeks long and teaches you how to balance life, work and family and be the best parent to your child. For more information about what the class includes, click on the link.

As a parent, you do not need to know everything, but you must learn where to turn when you are in need of effective resources. The parenting programs on this page will teach you how to deal with a variety of important issues. Make learning a part of your life. Bookmark this page and visit it often as we add to our list of trusted parenting resources.

If you have a recommendation for a parenting program that has transformed your family life, please let us know about it by clicking on the Contact Us link on the navigation bar to the left, so we can share the resource with other parents.

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