Parenting Program: A Nurturing Parenting Program that Takes a Holistic View

Looking for a parenting program that will help you create a better relationship with your kids? There are many classes out there, but which is right for you? This article will help you discover what you should look for in a parenting education program.

I have read many parenting program descriptions and for the most part, they're pretty much the same. Usually, they focus on teaching the parent how to get their children to do what they want them to do. Most classes take a behavioral approach which means encouraging good behavior by reinforcing it with treats and compliments and discouraging bad behavior by taking away privileges or giving a punishment. Supposedly, such techniques shape a child's behavior so he or she is more likely to behave.

The problem with such a parenting program is the techniques eventually backfire. Why? Because kids who are taught to perform tricks for treats or do what is necessary to avoid punishment or withdrawal of privileges haven't been given the tools to grow into moral human beings. More important, they haven't experienced what it feels like to have a loving relationship with someone who has their best interests at heart. When children have a strong bond with their parents, they naturally care for others and act in kind ways because it's a natural expression of their love for humanity. Best of all, they are able to form loving bonds with others because the parent-child relationship is the blueprint for all relationships that follow it.

If you the paragraph above speaks to you, then what you're looking for is a nurturing parenting program. Here's how to spot one:

  • Find a parenting education program that is parent-and-child centric. This means that is has a dual focus—it examines the behavior of parent and child and how each influences the other.

  • The class should explain human development—not just child development, but the entire cycle from birth to death. This does two things—it helps the parent develop reasonable expectations for child behavior as it helps her understand where she is along the path of human evolution.

  • The parenting program should help you understand how to attend to a child's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Most classes address only the physical and a bit of the emotional. Worse yet, most classes use behavioral techniques to teach parents how to get kids to behave. Such techniques treat children like robots (you put this in, you get this out) and do nothing to address the child's emotional and spiritual needs.

    Please understand that when I'm talking about spiritual needs, I am not referring to religion. I am referring to your child's yearning to discover who he is, what his strengths are and what he has to offer life. If you've ever reflected deeply upon your life, you'll recognize that you have this yearning too.

  • Finally, the class should help you rise above your upbringing so you can raise your child in a way that resonates with who your child is and who you are as a parent and as a human being. The class should help you become more conscious of who you are, what you believe in (aside from the values and dogma you were made to swallow whole as a child) and what is in the best interests of your particular family. Rather than issuing edicts, it should help you find your own way.

These are the elements of a parenting program that is designed to help you create a close, loving relationship with your child, see into his heart and discover more fully who you are as part of the process. These are the elements of my Connection-Engagment Parenting Class . To sign up or learn more about this six week teleseminar you can take from the comfort of your home, click on this link.

About the author:

Laura Ramirez offers a parenting program via teleseminar which means you can learn from the comfort of your home. The six week class addresses all aspects highlighted in the article above. Laura is the author or the award-winning book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting . The book combines ancient native principles like stewardship with heart-centered psychology to teach parents how to raise children to unfold their spiritual nature and become who they truly are. The book is a journey of discovery for parent and child and will help create a parent-child relationship based on love and mutual respect.

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