Parenting Problems - The Best Way to Help Kids Who Are Angry, Defiant or Impulsive

Parenting Problems ...

... if you're the parent of a child who has behavioral problems, you may feel like you're at your wit's end. In this article, you'll learn some tips and strategies for helping your child to overcome certain behaviors, when and how you can do so at home and when it's best to seek professional help.

Although the busyness of every day life coupled with the troubling behavior of a difficult child or teen can be overwhelming to most parents, the trick is to come up with an action plan. Parents who bury their heads in the sand or excuse their child's behavior are failing to respond to a cry for help. Ignoring or excusing poor behavior guarantees that it will escalate, making life increasingly more difficult at school and at home.

Parenting problems with children who are hostile, defiant or impulsive can wreak havoc in a home.

parenting problems

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Although a child who can't focus, is impulsive or defiant may seem annoying and inconvenient to adults, imagine the kind of emotional pain the child is in and how frustrating it is that he cannot seem to overcome his problems.

Unfortunately, most parents tend to avoid rather than solve parenting problems that have to do with unappealing child behavior. Failing to understand what their children need from them and how to get to the source of the problem, these parents tend to punish kids who may not be able to change their behavior without the help of a patient and caring adult. When parents punish or excuse poor behavior, they unwittingly increase the bad behavior that they are hoping to stop. This creates a vicious cycle in which parent and child become increasingly more frustrated and alienated.

You can take parenting problems into your own hands with at-home behaviorally based programs that have been developed by therapists and other professionals

In order to help a child who needs direction and is clearly in emotional pain, parents must learn some behavioral techniques to be able to formulate a specific plan. The trick is to teach your child the coping skills he needs to overcome his problematic behaviors. For instance, if your child has difficulty paying attention, teaching him how to focus for progressively longer periods of time is an excellent, clearly defined goal that has immediate benefits. Helping a child who is defiant and angry get to the root of his anger and let it go and then teaching him how to acknowledge anger, but choose not to act from in can make a huge difference in his life and in yours too.

As a first step, I recommend that you take parenting problems into your own hands and learn how to teach your child much-needed coping skills. This achieves two things: as you teach your child life skills, you will grow closer and as your child begins to see that these practical techniques actually make a difference in his life, his respect for you will grow. Plus, you may learn a thing or two that will help you with issues related to your personal growth.

For behavioral problems like chronic anger, defiance and other antisocial behaviors, many parents have successfully used this child behavior program to completely turn around their kids. This is an at-home DVD program developed by a therapist who has worked with difficult and troubled kids for over thirty years in the school system and in private practice. The success rate of the program is astounding, with over 150,000 sold thus far. This program shows you how to teach your child coping skills that will transform his life and your relationship with each other. This no-risk program has a 30-day free trial.

For parenting problems that involve issues that are more related to ADHD, like impulsivity, tendency toward outbursts, inability to focus or stay on task, etc. Total Focus is a program that can show you how to teach your child the coping skills that will help him progressively increase his focus, curb impulses and reduce agitation to prevent outbursts. The program was developed by a psychologist and father of a child with ADHD. We have received many testimonials from parents who have used this product to motivate their kids and help improve the symptoms of ADHD, not with drugs, but by actually changing behavior. This program also has a 30-day free trial.

When your child is finally able to control his behavior, he will get along with others, making for a happier, healthier life and a more peaceful, loving home for you and your family.

About the author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting.

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