Parenting Magazine Writer Guidelines

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Parenting Magazine Writer Guidelines ...

... to get your article published in our parenting magazine, read the following information carefully. First, you need to familiarize yourself with what our publication and its publisher, Laura Ramirez, is all about. In order to do this, browse our online articles and subscribe to our free parenting magazine. Better yet, read a copy of Laura's award winning parenting book, so you'll understand her philosophy and deep commitment to parents and children.

Be advised that we are looking for original in-depth articles that get to the heart of the issues, not regurgitated material that has been re-written from other sources. If you have published the exact same article elsewhere on the web, please do not submit it here because we reject duplicate content.

Parenting Magazine Writer Guidelines

  • Your article must be from 500 - 1200 words long. Make sure to include the word count at the top of your article.
  • Your article must be about an issue that is related to parenting. Articles that are a thinly veiled attempt to promote a business will not be considered for publication.
  • You can have one link in your author bio which appears at the bottom of your article. Please don't make this link promotional. If readers find value in what you have written, they will click over to your site.
  • Upon notification that your article will be published, you must post a link from your site to ours. (If you do not have a web site, click on how to build a site to learn about the tools we used to build this site in a way that is fun and easy.) The link will be confirmed before your article is published. By submitting your article, you agree to keep the link posted as long as your article is posted on our site.

    Below is our linking information which you can copy and paste on to your site:

    HTML code to link to Family Matters Parenting Magazine

  • Articles may be edited to create keyword rich content that pleases the search engines. This is good for you because it will mean more clicks to your site.
  • Depending upon the content, published articles may be posted to our web site or published in our newsletter or both.
  • We reserve the right to add advertising around the body of your content.
  • If your article is accepted for publication, you will be notified by email. If your article is not accepted for any reason, you will not hear from us.
  • We do not pay for publication, however, an inbound link from a high quality site that gets an excellent amount of traffic is worth its weight in gold.

Now that you've absorbed our parenting magazine writer guidelines, use the form below to submit your article. Make sure to double-check your contact information, so we can let you know if we have accepted your work for publication. Also, once you've been notified, be sure to place a link from your site to ours. If you have a problem with the form, you can also submit your article via email.

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