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A parenting guide should help you understand the deeper issues of raising children. Most books focus solely on child behavior and dispense advice on how to get your children to do what you want. What most adults fail to realize is that the underlying premise of such books is that children are a nuisance and need to be controlled through control tactics like bribes, threats, rewards and coercion. Over time, such practices are damaging to children and can permanently rupture parent-child relationships.

Rewards and punishments teach children to look outside themselves for affirmation. Children who are trained to seek approval from others also take criticism to heart without considering the motive and/or agenda of the person judging them. A child who is swayed by the approval and criticism of others will grow into an insecure adult. At the core, this adult will never feel that she is good enough. If this sounds like you, then need to stop the cycle and learn how to raise your children so they won't feel like you.

A parenting guide must explore these types of issues. It must show parents what we as a society have been doing that is hurtful. Most of us were taught to parent by our parents. Although we may consciously strive to be kinder and more compassionate than our parents were, when our children push our buttons, we may find to our horror that we are acting just like them. Advances in psychology require that we examine our upbringing and bring it to the light of our awareness, so we don't perpetuate the cycle of misunderstanding or abuse.

parenting guide

A good parenting guide tells you why you must change your parenting style and show you how to change it. It explores the dynamic between the way you were raised and how you treat your kids. You can't rise above your upbringing unless you have someone to guide you—someone who has been there and done that—someone who can show you the way.

I am the author of a parenting guide that is different from other parenting books you have read. In the book, I combine ancient Native American secrets with cutting edge psychology to show parents how to raise children to have the courage to be themselves.

Why use Native American concepts? Because they are based on stewardship. Because these ideas arise out of a respect for the nature of things. Rather than telling you how to mold your child's behavior, you will learn how to draw out his uniqueness. The benefit to you is that by taking the time to look inside your child's heart, you will see more clearly into your own.

In this parenting guide, I use current-day psychology to help you understand why you must consider raising your children differently than the way you were raised. Using these techniques will give you insight into your upbringing and help you create a close, loving relationship with your child that is based on love and mutual respect. Best of all, your child will cherish you for taking the time to help him to discover who he really is. In this way, parenting is a path of spiritual growth for child and parent.

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Parenting Guide.

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