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Parenting education is essential because no one has taught you how to raise your kids. You've learned to parent from your parents and they've learned from theirs. If you've ever experienced that moment of horror in which you realized that you were behaving exactly like your mom or dad—and you swore you never would—then you recognize how, in many ways, you do to your children what was done to you. This is called unconscious parenting. The cycle must be broken and it starts with you. You and your children deserve so much more.

Your parenting education begins as you make the commitment to giving your children better lives than you had. Don't confuse this with giving them expensive toys and extravagant parties. I'm talking about creating a vision for your children. In my book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting, I explain how to create a vision for your child and act from it. This is less about shaping your child's behavior than it is about guiding your own. When you raise children with vision, you will raise them to become who they truly are, to own their strengths and make unique contributions to the world. This is a beautiful gift to give your child.

parenting education

Parenting education is crucial because most of us have not been schooled in child development and the ways in which children's needs change as they grow. In my book, I explain development from birth to death, so in addition to developing reasonable expectations for child behavior, you will discover where you are along the path of human development. This is important because if you have any experience with children you know that parenting is as much about the parent's growth and development as it is about the child's. This means that parenting is a path of personal growth—our children provide us with many opportunities to learn and grow, to discover who we are, not only as parents, but as human beings.

Parenting education is about understanding what it really means to act in the stewardship of a child. Stewardship is a concept that is practiced by the Native American culture and forms the foundation of spirituality. This is why Native American philosophy has much to teach in terms of how you relate to children. Since these ideas are spiritual, they will not conflict with your religious beliefs. You will learn the meaning of concepts like "good medicine" and how practicing stewardship will tranform your relationship with your child and everyone you come in contact with.

First and foremost, parenting education is about taking the time to see into the heart of your child. This is how a child feels seen and visible and begins to act from his center and discover who he truly is. Raising your child in this way starts him down the right path and offers great benefits for you—for when you take the time to look into your child's heart, you will see more clearly into your own.

Begin your parenting education today. Do it for your child and do it for yourself. Reserve your copy of the award-winning book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting.

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