Parenting Development: How Parenting Makes You a Better Human Being

Parenting development is an issue that is not considered carefully by most parents. In my book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting, I emphasize that parenting is as much about the parent's growth and development as it is about the child's. This sets the book apart from parenting books that focus solely on discipline and child-related issues.

Parenting development means understanding that there is reciprocity in the parent-child relationship. Although the parent teaches the child, the child also teaches the parent. Any adult who has an open heart and mind understands that children are often our most gentle and loving teachers. They approach the world with curiosity, resilience and an openness to learning. They are the mirrors for the aspects of our natural being that we have cast aside.

Parenting development means considering carefully the values you pass on. With the great advances psychology has made in understanding child development and the significance of a child's upbringing, it is not enough to raise your children as you were raised. In the name of evolution of consciousness, we must become reflective, compassionate and responsive parents. We must guide the unfoldment of our children's natural gifts and their burgeoning humanity.

parenting development

Parenting development is about assuming our roles as stewards of the children and of the earth. In order to be caretakers, we must examine our behavior and take responsibility for every choice we make. Far from a dreary drudging duty, guiding the development of the hearts and minds that are in our care is an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding journey because in the final analysis, it returns us to ourselves.

To learn more about this essential subject, consider reading my book, Keepers of the Children which will show you how to take your children by the hand and journey deep into their hearts. My promise: by taking the time to see into your children's hearts, you'll see more clearly into your own. This is the perk of true child stewardship.

About the author: Laura Ramirez lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her husband Larry and two boys, Dakotah and Colt.

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