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When parenting coach, Laura Ramirez, gets a request for help from harried, concerned or overwhelmed parents, she picks up the phone and calms, soothes, offers perspective and leads her clients to insights that they claim they couldn't have come to on their own.

Ramirez, the author of an award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children, has been offering this parenting coach service for over a year now and has clients across the United States and Canada. Some clients call once per week, others once per month and others, only when needed. Ramirez does not dispense medical advice and makes it clear that she offers coaching, rather than therapy.

According to client, Mindy Veikman, who has counted on Ramirez for over one year now, "She's there when I need her ... a voice of compassion who makes me feel like I'm not alone and helps me solve problems and see my family situation in a different light. She listens, gives me strength and has helped me deal with everything from getting my child to sleep through the night to getting my mother-in-law to stop constantly interfering. When I have a question, I call her because her answers make sense and have helped me create a better life."

Although coaches differ in how they work, Ramirez starts by asking clients to fill out a parent coach request form on her web site that provides basic contact information and a description of the problem or situation. Even repeat clients are asked to fill out this form, so Ramirez has an idea about what will be discussed. An appointment is made by email, the client pays the $95 per hour charge and then calls Ramirez at the appointed time. One client hour equals 55 minutes of coaching.

parent coach Jessica Furley calls Ramirez once per week. "I depend on her to help me through the week. I grew up with abusive parents and so I was terrified of doing simple things and didn't think I would ever be a good mom. Laura has taught me that I don't have to be like my parents, specifically my mom. She's taught me how to relate to my kids and because of this, we really have fun together. I can honestly say that I enjoy being a mom."

Dennis Briesmeister is a single dad with two teenage daughters. "As the father of two girls, sometimes I'm confused about how I should handle certain situations, especially with regard to setting limits. With Laura's help, I'm confident that I have a well-considered point of view. Even though she's helped my girls and I to be closer than we were, they still respect the house rules."

Another client, Tammy Elspeth, can't say enough about Ramirez. "She's done more than help me with my kids, she's helped me understand myself. If you didn't grow up with good parenting, you don't know how to be a parent. I've learned so much during my sessions with Laura, I feel like I'm a different person. And believe me, I was on the edge of despair."

Ramirez coaches parents who have children ranging in age from infants to young adults. Her beliefs are:

  • Parenting is as much about your growth and development as it is about your child's
  • Good parenting creates healthy, resilient relationships and helps put children on the path toward fulfilling lives
  • Each child is unique and must be approached in ways that honor this
  • By learning to see into your child's heart and give him what he needs from you, you'll discover the depths of your own.

Parenting Coach Areas of specialty:

  • Blended families
  • Mixed race children and families
  • Kids who are rebellious or have a need for negative attention
  • Troubled teenagers
  • Kids who are doing poorly in school
  • Parents seeking to understand development
  • Parents who are overwhelmed
  • Parents who feel isolated
  • Husbands and wives who have constant conflicts because they are not on the same page about basic family values
  • Single parents in need of support
  • Parents whose children are getting ready to leave home for college and need support during this transition

"Laura's style is one of compassion, attentive listening, creative problem solving, responsiveness, collaboration and guided action steps. She'll touch your heart and give you concrete steps to solve your problems."
Michele Arrete, San Diego, CA.

To get one-on-one help with your parenting questions or family issues, fill out the parenting coach request form below. After you have made an appointment with Laura, you must prepay for your appointment by clicking on the button below. The cost for coaching is $95 per hour.

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