Parenting Class: Transform Your Parenting Skills & Your Relationship with Your Child

The reason for taking a parenting class is clear. None of us were given a clearly defined strategy for raising healthy, happy children while creating a close and mutually fulfilling relationship with them. For every other job you do, you go to school and get a specialized education or receive on-the-job training from a mentor. Not so when it comes to the most important job there is. Tragically, this means that most parents end up frustrated, frazzled and find themselves screaming at their kids.

After a screaming match, most parents feel horrible about their behavior and are shocked to realize that they behaved exactly like their parents—doing and saying things they swore they never would. What causes such behavior?

Whether you realize it or not, you have learned how to parent from your parents. Since most of our parents used techniques that weren't particularly humane or resourceful with regard to child discipline, you have been programmed to treat your children in the ways that you were treated. In times of stress, your programming kicks in and you act just like your parents. One of the most essential skills you will be learning in the Connection-Engagement Parenting Class is how to transcend this programming.

(Note: this class is not for parents who have chronically angry, defiant or oppositional kids. If you're struggling with these issues, then I highly recommend that you go through The Total Transformation Program. Many parents have written me to tell me they've used it successfully to turn around their kids.)

Maybe you think there's nothing wrong with demeaning, shaming, blaming or coercing your kids to do your bidding. Perhaps you don't consider screaming at your kids abuse, but it is.

Have you ever noticed what happens to a child's body when you yell at him? Have you seen him cover his ears, noticed the way his little shoulders slump or the look of fear or sadness in his eyes?

After such an episode, you feel guilty because in your heart you know that treating your kids this way isn't right (or necessary), yet you don't know any other way.

You love your child. You promise yourself you'll never act this way again, but it's almost impossible to stop yourself from overreacting in tense situations.

Worse yet, many parents fail to realize that they're teaching their children how to be a parent. One day, their grown child will treat your grandchildren the way you have treated him. And so, the torch is passed.

Break the cycle with the Connection-Engagement Parenting Class.

Wouldn't it make you happy to learn how to connect with your child, how to teach and lead him, rather than shame, blame or punish him into compliance? Wouldn't it be delightful to create a relationship that is based on love and mutual respect?

I'm here to tell you that your dream is attainable. In the Connection-Engagement Parenting Class, you will learn:

  • How to create a deep, loving connection with your child.
  • How to uncover and respond to your child's deepest needs.
  • What to do when your child acts out.
  • How to prevent child behavior from escalating into a full-scale tantrum.
  • How to transcend negative programming from your upbringing.
  • How to engage your child and begin to see inside his heart.
  • How to raise your child to unfold the gifts within his heart and develop his core strengths, so he will grow up to lead a fulfilling life as an adult.

The Connection-Engagement Parenting Class will help you become a more responsive parent, guaranteed. It will help you examine the roots of your parenting behaviors, discard destructive strategies and act in new and life-affirming ways. Best of all, it will help you feel good about yourself as a parent and teach you how to cultivate a loving relationship with your child that will prove infinitely rewarding for you both.

The Connection-Engagement Parenting Class is a six week teleseminar. This means you get to learn parenting skills from the comfort of your home. Register below for the next class which starts in November 2007. You will be provided with a call-in number, date and time (any long distance telephone charges will be your responsibility) and the reading materials for the course (one book and one downloadable workbook). (Calls will be archived, so if you are out of town during one of the calls, you can listen later.) Portions of the class will be delivered online, so it qualifies as an online parenting class. At the conclusion of every presentation, there will be a question-and-answer period to get your most pressing questions answered. Or you can email your questions ahead of time.

The cost for the class is just $299—less than what it would cost you for three sessions with a therapist. The class will be led by Laura Ramirez, mother of two and author of the award-winning book, Keepers of the Children. Laura's novel approach to parenting will help you create the kind of relationship with your children that you wish you had had with your parents. In addition to enjoying the benefits of a close parent-child bond, you will permanently break the cycle of dysfunction in your family.

Who should NOT take this class:

  • People who expect parenting to be easy
  • People who are unwilling to do the work required to create a healthy relationship
  • Parents who expect cookie-cutter answers and quick-fix solutions
  • Those who consider children an inconvenience or think they should be "seen and not heard"

If you are ready to commit to creating a healthy, life-affirming relationship with your child and to learning techniques for turning reactive behaviors into parenting skills , if you want to transcend your current parenting style and become a true mentor to your child, then click the Buy Now button below. Once you have paid for your seat, you will be directed to return to this page and fill out the application below. (Note: a $7 shipping charge will be added to your bill for shipping you a copy of the book that will be used in the class. If you already have a copy of the book, then donate it to your local library or women's and children's shelter.) Be sure to fill out the form as honestly as you can, so I can get a pulse on your deepest concerns as a parent.

Please Note: All information provided on the form below will be kept in the strictest confidence. Your information will not be shared with anyone, ever, period.

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