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You're looking for a parenting class in a book—a book that will fit your lifestyle and help teach you what you need to know. Like most adults, you probably haven't been formally schooled in parenting techniques and only know what you've learned from your parents. Depending upon your upbringing, this could be both good and bad. Regardless of the level of dysfunction of your family of origin, our understanding of child psychology has evolved since you were a child and so if you're raising your kids the way your parents raised you, then your techniques do not reflect new understandings.

Before I give you my recommendation for a parenting class in a book, let me tell what it should offer. Such a book should be primarily focused on your relationship with your child. How do you create a loving relationship based on trust and stewardship? How do create a bond that meets your child's needs, but is also fulfilling for you? When I heard the results of a recent poll—that a large percentage of parents rate doing housework over spending time with their kids—I was stunned by the tragedy that underlies such a statement. Sadly, most parents are missing the miracle that is unfolding right before their eyes.

A parenting class in a book should have a workbook that helps you transcend your upbringing and discover who you are as both a parent and a human being. In my book, I talk about my belief that parenting is as much about the parent's growth and development as it is about the child's. In fact, I believe that parenting is a path of spiritual growth. In order for your parenting purpose to unfold, you must discover where you are along the path and look inside your heart to find the insights that will take you to the next level.

A good parenting class in a book should help you see your child for who he is. When a child comes into the world, he is connected to his center. Your job as a parent is to teach him about life while helping him to remain authentic and become more of who he is. This is a process of awakening and as you participate in it with your child, you will wake up to who you truly are. Your life will have meaning, direction and you will feel fulfilled as a parent and as a human being. There is nothing else in life that approximates this gift.

My parenting class in a book combines ancient Native American ideas with cutting edge psychology to create a way of parenting that is based on true stewardship and recognition of each child's uniqueness. In this way, the parent acts as a guide to the child becoming who he truly is and in the process, the parent wakes up to her true self.

If these ideas speak to you, you can purchase a copy of my book and workbook by going to Keepers of the Children. If you open your heart and mind to the ideas in this book, which I promise, is different from any other parenting book you have ever read, you will discover the heart and soul of parenting and accompany your child on the adventure of a lifetime.

parenting class in a book

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