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Not long ago, women were actually discouraged from breast feeding. My mother tells the story of how as a young married woman, she lived with her husband in the basement of his parents' house. My mom, who was only eighteen at the time, was forced to endure looks and sarcastic remarks because my grandparents thought that breastfeeding was repulsive. Imagine being eighteen and having to stand up to older adults when all you were doing was trying to do the best for your child.

My grandparents would try different tactics to get her to quit breastfeeding and say things like: "Why breastfeed when formula is so much easier?" Of course, now we know that nothing could be further from the truth. One of the greatest benefits of the Internet is the quick easy exchange of ideas and ease of researching the facts about most any subject. So over the past fifteen years, the good word about parenting breast feeding has gotten out and more and more families are choosing this healthiest option for their newborn's nutrition. Breast feeding's benefits go gar beyond the nutritional advantages.

Parenting - breast feeding is the perfect food for your baby

Nutritionally speaking, breastfeeding is perfect! Not only does it provide the most perfectly digestible form of food, the nutritional content also naturally changes throughout the various ages and stages of development for as long as the child is breastfed. There are often antibodies and other immunity builders in breast milk that keep the child healthy with a significantly stronger immune system than if he were formula fed. parenting breast feeding Parenting: breast feeding creates an irrevocable bond between mother and child.

Emotionally speaking, breastfeeding forges the bond between mother and child by requiring physical contact for prolonged periods of time at regular intervals throughout the day and night. Incidentally, the clear vision range of a newborn child is the distance between a mother and child's faces during breastfeeding.

Parenting - breast feeding creates a emotionally and physically healthy child

As the breastfed child grows, she will maintain that secure feeling as she continues to seek her mother's breast for comfort and nurturing. The longer a child is allowed to breastfeed, the healthier a child will be emotionally and physically. In America, people tend to ween their child off the breast by six to twelve months of age, but the worldwide average weening age is four and one half years.

Continue reading about the joys of breast feeding or post your question to our forum or read stories and tips submitted by other moms.

Parenting Breast Feeding has numerous benefits

The practical benefits of breastfeeding are numerous. For one, it's very affordable. Some formula costs $25 and $30 for a standard sized can simply because the child needs a specialized diet. If the breastfed baby has any digestive issues, the mom only needs to adjust her own diet slightly to accommodate the baby's issue. Also, there is no need to make up bottles before outings or any other time of day. With breastfeeding, the meal is always ready to eat and at the right temperature.

There are many specially designed clothes (see our list at the end of the article) that have discreet access slits for easy discreet nursing. You can also purchase a Bebe au Lait Simple Organic Nursing Cover Willow to use when you need to nurse in public.

Late night feedings are typically less frequent with breastfed babies, but when they are needed, the baby only needs to be brought to the warmth of his mother's breast for instant satisfaction. The mother can often snooze while the baby is nursing for minimized interruption of much needed rest. (Read this article about having a family bed.

After the birth of a child, the mother often has so much added demands on her combined with the frustration of a crying baby that depression often kicks in.

Parenting: Breast feeding produces a sense of serenity in the mother, which makes for a calmer, happier baby

God provided for this possibility, so he built in a helpful solution into the breastfeeding mechanism. When a woman nurses her child, a chemical is released that gives her a sense of peace and relaxation. This makes the love bond between her and her child much stronger and improved the overall home environment for all.

If you are anxious about being a mom and breast feeding, we recommend this natural remedies which will calm you, restore hormonal balance and make it easier for you to bond with your child. Since this is a natural remedy, it has no side effects and will not affect your baby even though you are nursing. (If depression is becoming a concern, read our article on post partum depression.

Parenting Breast Feeding Issues

If you're having difficulty getting your baby to latch on or if you have inverted nipples, the following products are highly recommended by our web site visitors: Medela SoftShells for Inverted Nipples and Lansinoh Latch Assist.

The benefits of breastfeeding are incredible and numerous. Yes, there is some time required to getting used to it, and, yes, there will be some pain at the beginning of latching on as your breasts get used to nursing, but if you make it through the first couple of weeks, it will be one of the most beautiful experiences of your lifetime.

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