Parenting Affiliate Program - How to Earn Commissions with Your Parenting Blog or Web Site

Looking for a good parenting affiliate program to make money from your web site? As the owner of a parenting web site myself, I've searched high and low for good programs. In this article, you'll learn what to look for, so you can earn more income from your blog or parenting site.

What to Look for in Top Earning Affiliate Programs

  • Search for programs with your customer in mind. Rather than looking for programs that pay the most per sale, think about your customer. This means that you should check out every single product that you recommend.
    • Ask yourself if the product delivers real solutions to the customer's problems? The only way to find this out is to purchase the product first yourself. Try it out. See if it delivers on its promise. Some parenting affiliate programs will even give you a free copy, so you can review the product. This way, you can write a review as well as recommend the product on different pages of your site.
  • Does the mom affiliate program offer two tier commissions? Although this isn't absolutely essential, it does mean that you earn commissions on sales of the product to customers as well as a percentage of the sales made by other affiliates that you refer to the program. Over time, this income can really add up.
  • Does the vendor offer lifetime commissions? This means that once the customer has made a purchase from you, you will earn commissions from their purchases for life. If the company comes out with other products, you will also earn commissions whether you have referred them directly or not.
    • Most lifetime affiliate programs record the customer's IP address, email address, phone number and address so if they call in, rather than clicking on your link, you will still earn a commission. If the customer sells their computer and buys a new one, changes email addresses or moves, you will still earn a commission based on the other information that is tracked. If the product is consumable, this can lead to exponential earnings over time.
    • Examples of an excellent lifetime parenting affiliate program is this natural remedies program (which features consumable supplements for pregnant mothers, new mothers, remedies for children, ADHD remedies, etc.). Another one is this web site building program. (Think of moms who want to stay at home and raise their kids, while earning an income.) Yet another is this productivity boosting tool that will make life easier for busy parents and professionals. Another lifetime affiliate program that I just signed up for is a weightloss program that pays 50% commissions on sales.
  • Always check out the web site of any parenting affiliate program. Their web site should look professional, their copy should be free of errors and should compel the visitor to buy. Look for money-back guarantees, good customer service and a quality product. Remember that your recommendation reflects on you. If your web site visitors make a purchase through your affiliate link and discover that you recommend valuable products, they will be much more likely to take your recommendations in the future and of course, much more likely to return to your web site.
  • What is the cookie duration? When a customer clicks on an affiliate link, a cookie is placed on their computer. The duration of the cookie is the time from the initial click to the time the sale is made. If a cookie expires after 30 days and your customer makes a purchase on day 31, you just lost a sale. Cookies are set to expire in as little as a couple of days or up to one year. The longer the cookie, the better.
  • A parenting affiliate program that advertises offline will boost your online sales. If you are promoting a product that is advertised on television and radio, this will increase your sales, especially during promotional periods. It is always easier to sell a product that is recognizable to the public because the manufacturer has done the work to build trust and credibility into their brand.
  • Look for a product that provides after sales support. Some educational products provide a toll free number that allows parents to call when they have questions about how to use the information in the product.
  • Look for a money-back guarantee. This removes the risk from the purchase. Web visitors are much more likely to buy a product if it has a trial period or money back guarantee. Some manufacturers, like the natural remedies parenting affiliate program that I mentioned above offers a one-year, no-questions-asked guarantee. This means the customer can get their money back even if they have used all the supplements in the bottle. Talk about building trust and removing the risk for the customer. It doesn't get any better than that!
  • Any parenting affiliate program that is worth its salt will provide resources, creatives and training to help you become a success affiliate. After all, if you're successful, the manufacturer is successful too.
  • Finally, a good parenting affiliate program should offer a dedicated affiliate manager who will give you tips for promoting the program more effectively, so that everybody wins: you, the company and your customer.

Recommended Parenting Affiliate Programs

  • Recommend natural remedies and earn 25% per sale with a lifetime affiliate program.
  • This weightloss program uses a natural approach, offers a 50% commission and lifetime commissions on the sales of all products. It doesn't get better than this. On top of this, I am a friend of the person who developed these products and she is a remarkable, ethical human being. Since parents and children often need help losing weight, this is an excellent program to recommend because it focuses on making healthy lifestyle changes and loving your body back into shape.
  • Recommend work at home mom web site building tools to your web visitors with this program that earns $75 per sale, plus lifetime commissions
  • Recommend tools to make parents more productive at home and in the office, so they can spend more time with their families.
  • Linkshare is a network of mom affiliate programs (and programs for other niche web sites) that has a variety of offers to choose from.
  • For those web site owners who have developed their own products and want to sell it from their sites, use Paypal to set up a shopping cart to process orders. It's fast and easy and you don't have to worry about applying for a merchant account.
  • If you'd like an army of affiliates to promote your product, book or ebook and only pay them when they've made a sale, sign up for Clickbank

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