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Parenting advice ...

... would you really want to raise your children exactly as you were raised? Think about it for a moment.

Since most of us learned our parenting skills from our parents, most of us take their advice on a daily basis, whether we're aware of it or not. While this might be fine if you enjoyed a healthy relationship with your parents, what if you did not?

Where do you turn for advice and parenting tips if you didn't have a model for a healthy parent-child relationship?

And even if you did have a healthy or relatively healthy relationship with your parents, what if you want to raise your children differently than you were raised?

When questions come up that you don't have the answer to where do you turn for ideas?

Take a deep breath and relax.

You've found a resource for parenting advice and tips on everything from child development to child behavior problems that will help you polish your parenting skills and create a relationship with your children of your own making. You can also interact with other parents via our parenting message boards.

We're not here to tell you how to parent. Family Matters! Parenting Ezine articles will help you to think more deeply about who you are, who your child is and how you want to raise your child.

Family Matters! Parenting Ezine articles will help you learn how to ask the questions that will help you find the way inside your heart. This is the true path of parenting: the journey of discovery that you and your children make together. It's on this path that you will discover how to bring out the best in yourself as a parent and the best in your child.

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