parenting a teen

by tencia

my oldest son just turned 16 yrs old and honestly is a good kid. our relationship is good, open and honest, he knows he can tell me anything even if its bad. if you can't talk to your parents or are afraid of what they will say,then who could you trust.

recently my son has told me he had been at a kick back/movie night with other kids from his school and that there was under age drinking and he wanted to be honest with me about trying it. well he got sick threw-up and felt like crap the next day.

my response was at first dissapointed then when i realized he could never told me and i would have not known, but he came to me willingly and honestly and i was thankful for that.

after that i told him if you choose to drink again you would never be aloud to leave our apts except to go to school and home and i also said you have all the time in the world to drink and act stupid for know just enjoy being a kid time flies by so fast so slow down son.

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