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Before taking your children to the movies, check our parent movie reviews. Although the movie industry has developed a better rating system than they had before, it's tough to know beforehand which movies have content that may be unsuitable for your kids. For the most part, parents find out when it's too late—their child has already been exposed to scenes that are unsuitable.

We only post parent movie reviews for movies that we have seen. In addition to giving you our comments, we will also post the comments of the children who accompanied us to the show. That way, you'll get the perspective of the parent and the child. These are family movie reviews at their best.

Our parent movie reviews are brief and to the point. We point out any areas of concern in terms of content and let you know whether the adults and childrenenjoyed the show. If you follow our format, you are welcome to submit your own kid movie reviews. Use the Contact Us link to the left. (Please don't send us family movie reviews if all you're trying to do is promote your web site.)

If you wait until kid movies are out on video to view them, then you will find convenient links from the parent movie reviews to purchasing the movie on DVD or video. Please use our links as the little bit we earn from this helps support this site and further this effort.

Please be patient as we add family movie reviews to our site.

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