Overweight Daughter

by amsaveni

I have an overweight daughter. Doctor advised to reduce her weight by 10 kg. She is 7 years old and 34 kg of weight. I am insisting that she skip daily, avoid choclates and ice cream.

Sometime I am angry if she eats more ice creams. I have a thought that I keep on insisting her that she is fat and she want to reduce her weight?

Whether it is right attitude?
What I want to do for this?

Lose weight by learning how to love your body

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Aug 03, 2010
Advice for Overweight Daughter
by: Laura Ramirez

Dear Amsaveni,

Here is my advice for overweight daughter: although it sounds like it is important for you to help your daughter lose weight by making healthy choices, you need to teach her how to do so in a way that nourishes her, rather than trying to humiliate her into doing so by calling her fat.

If you use a negative approach, she may end up resenting you and overeat just to spite you. Worse yet, she may end up hating herself.

The choice to change unhealthy habits should spring from love and respect for the body.

Raise your kids to love and respect themselves and to develop their natural strengths so they can use them to make a contribution to society and lead a fulfilling life. Learn how to get started by reading Keepers of the Children

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