Out of Control Child

by Helen

Biological Mother Gives Up and Emails Dad -- What is dad and step mom to do? Here is what the email said:

He is an out of control child. Last night we put the boys to bed and Oscar was calling me and Paul (we were downstairs) and Pablo told him to shut up and that he was going to kill him and hurt him all week long.

I can't have this. I think he needs to live with you now. I told you before that this was not working. I am fed up with this. No one did anything to him before this happened and I do not want him behaving like this here. I don't trust him with Oscar.

We need to change plans because this is not WORKING here. He wants to be at your house he told me. He said he does not want to live here. Regardless of the schedule I have to agree with that.

What should we do?

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