Out of Control 9 year old daughter

by April

I have a 9 year old daugther and 1 year old son he has Down's syndrome. My daugther on the other hand is 100% out of control. She hits, bites, yells and throws things, lies all the time no matter what you ask her.

She thinks that everything in the world revolves around her and no one else. This has been this way since she was 2 years old. She will pull her hair and scratch herself if you tell her no. I am also a babysitter and she will take control the minute they walk in the door.

She yells at them about everything and hits them and calls them names even calls them awful names that me and my husband would never even say. We have tried everything. We tried time outs and she will just cuss at us and kick holes in walls until me tell her she is done.

We have tried spanking that doesn't work and we didn't even do that but for like a couple of days because if we smacked her on the butt she would hit us ten times harder. We have tried counseling, pills and everything else that I can think of and she just doesn't care.

She has told me she hopes that me and my son die. She wishes that it was just her and her dad in our home. I am at my end and just ignore it at this point. I pretend she is not even here when she gets like that but she doesn't care, she will continue anyways.

My son can't take this. He is very touchy about sounds and loud nosie and very sensitive to people's emotions. I guess I just don't know what to do. Please help.

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Aug 16, 2010
Comments: out of control of 9 year old daughter
by: Anonymous

She is 9 years old. For the past 9 years, she got whole attention of your self and her daddy. But after your son's birth, your concentration, love and affection is shared. Maybe she doesn't tolerate that. Now your son is 1 year so you concentrate on your daughter.

You ask the baby sitter to take care of your son and be with your daughter. Hug her, kiss her, tell her moral stories during the night when she is going to sleep.Say that you love her more.S ay to her I love you da. Now she needs your attention, that's why she is doing like this.

take care.

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