by Gloria

Without reading the above brief paragraph on ODD I couldnt name it. My son is all of the above. Angry, disrespectful. He hurts his siblings. Jack is 12 years old, today he was kicked off the bus by the deputy principal with which he swore and got even more angry because he had to walk in the rain. I was contacted at work had to leave work early to pick him up. He told me to shutup on the way home. He got told to get off the playstation and that he couldn't go to youth group which he loves. So, he proceeds to kick all the soccer balls into the woodshed threatening to smash windows in the house yelling and swearing hoping Ill break and let him go. I didnt. As I am writing this he is coming in and out of the room hoping to go on the computer constantly annoying so i'll give up to save the grief. Not tonight. Please help me I dont know what to do with him. He has had police involved with him as he was angry one night and smashed an old couples window down the road. He fed his anger off a friend at the beginning of the year smashed a window with his wrist and cut the tendons and had to have surgery. He has very little remorse for most of his outbursts.

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