new step father new house rules for 9 year old boy


I have a 9 year old the past few years were crazy with ex husband coming out of closet so in a small town ...a lot of people helped to shield my son from talk since he was 6 sister and her husband especially...I know we couldnt help the time but he has ever since then been waited on hand and foot by them...a new toy every weekend and so on total use of tv awhile at their house, etc. thank god he is still a respectful boy when told no by me.

I got married last christmas. my son loves him but...rules he doesnt simple rules like trying to unplug from electronics all the time at my sisters he plays xbox and tv he goes to my sisters every weekend because there are kids in the neighborhood, we have none here. Now he doesnt want to stay here with us. i can see it, feel it ... he has a great room with all the same electronics here also...just its not healthy all the time we my sisters he sleeps with them....basically at their house its disney world and maid service. here at home trying to teach him responsibility like picking up your own stuff etc...not maid service...How can I conpete???? I have asked him if he is so miserable here, does he want to go live with them? He says no...but you can tell he wants his freedom at their house....My son and my husband have a great relationship just now he has rules. Please help. any advice would be appreciated!

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