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You might be wondering, “is it normal for my child to be naughty?” The answer depends on your definition of the word "naughty". Children, especially young children are still developing the social skills that most adults take for granted. What might seem naughty to you may make perfect sense to certain children. For instance, if they color on the wall, they probably believe that they were making the wall look pretty. If they overturn a dog food dish, it may be just because they thought it would be fun to use the dog food pieces as marbles. (And some children might think it makes a tasty snack!) Such behavior is easily corrected just by explaining to the child that why you would much prefer they color on paper, so you can hang it their drawing on the wall and why eating dog food is not a good idea.

Violent or endangering behavior is a bit different from other typical behaviors and we have to be careful not to characterize the kids who exhibit as naughty children. Every child will throw a temper tantrum at times, but sometimes these behaviors can be a sign of another problem, especially if it seems to be more frequent than normal. One such problem that seems to be prevalent today is Autism. Autism is a disease that affects a child’s social skills. One of the symptoms of autism is frequent “temper tantrums” in which the child flies into an uncontrollable rage, and can not be comforted.

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Parents of children with Autism call this behavior a “melt down”. Although autism is viewed by the public as a mental illness, it is a physical illness, and it is not the fault of the child or the parents. (These children should never be referred to as naughty kids.) It can be treated with therapy, but as of this writing there is no generally accepted medication used to treat autism, although there are a few that treat the symptoms.

Parenting advice: When children have a disorder, don't call them naughty children: instead, get them help right away.

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There is also a disorder called ADHD, or “attention deficient hyper activity disorder”. If your child can’t seem to relax, and is constantly getting into things or he cannot seem to focus, then he may have this disorder. Another common sign of ADHD is poor grades in school. There are various medications available to treat ADHD, but most of them have serious side effects.

Many parents are discovering that the best way to treat ADHD is with a combination of natural remedies (which work the same as drugs, but without the side effects and actually give the brain the nutrients it needs to heal) and behavioral therapy. In fact, I know of an excellent behavioral program that you can use in the privacy of your home to teach your child how to focus without getting therapists involved. Many parents I know have had great success with this behavioral program. Better still, you can try it out on a 30-day free trial basis. (Of course, if your child hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD, make sure to consult with your family doctor.)

Naughty children are often a product of their environment. Consider your behavior and if you ever act out or throw fits in front of your child.

Another possible cause for this type of behavior is the child’s environment. Children learn from their parents, and if they see you become violent when you are angry, they will think it is acceptable to do the same and pattern themselves off of your behavior.

Other naughty kids may take the concept of mean-spiritedness to a brand new level exhibiting chronic misbehavior, disrespect, cruelty, rage and violence. These children may be oppositional and defiant. This behavior needs to be attended to immediately because many of these kids that adults view just as "naughty children" grow up to be antisocial personalities who commit crimes for sport.

If this describes your child, don't despair because there is hope. A number of parents have recommended a program called Total Transformation which they have used in the privacy of their homes to completely turn around their kids' behavior. There's no exposing your family to a therapist and none of the expenses of longterm therapy, but you need to follow the program and do the work. The program was developed by a therapist who has made a career out of turning such kids around. One thing you'll like: the program is available for a 30-day free trial.

Naughty children need love, but be careful not to enable them.

Always remember that all children misbehave from time to time, and if your child is misbehaving it may be just normal and natural behavior. It’s the job of the parent to be loving, patient and nurturing to the child. There are various ways to tease out naughty children behaviors, like restricting their privileges when they act inappropriately or are unkind to others. This teaches kids who have a tendency to be naught children that there are consequences to poor behavior. Make sure to talk to them, so they understand why the behavior was wrong. Also don’t forget to let your children know that while you found the behavior unacceptable, you will always love them no matter what.

About the author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting. The book teaches parents how to raise children in a firm, but loving way and to cultivate their children's natural strengths, so they grow up to lead a life that is an expression of those strengths.

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