Natural Stress Relief - an Essential Tool to Relieve Parent Stress

Natural stress relief is essential in today's crazy world. Adults, and in particular parents, need a way to soothe jangled nerves and clenched muscles.Even more importantly, we need a way to connect with our hearts and remind usthat the physical world with all it's bright lights, blaring noises and constantdemands is only an aspect of our total existence. In this article, we'll explore parent stress relief management and why it is essential to creating a healthy relationshipto ourselves, family and life itself.

It has been well-documented that chronic stress leads to disease. This alone should cause health conscious individuals to learn natural stress relief techniques and make them a practice of daily life. However, stress does more than damage us physically, it hurts those we love. When we are stressed out, we cannot be fully present for those we care about—we cannot be responsive to the little ones who need us most. And sometimes when we are over stressed, we are reactive—we lash out and model ugly behavior for those who depend on us to nurture and to care.

Think about the difference between how you respond to those you love when you are relaxed and feeling happy and how you behave when you are stressed. Do it right now. Call up a scenario from your past and relieve that ugly, mean even cruel behavior. Now imagine how this hurts your child, let alone how your behavior teaches him to behave when he is stressed.

This is why natural stress relief is so important.

If you've ever gone on a week long vacation, you know that it takes about three days to relax. When you do, there is a distinct feeling in your body. You feel free, you feel happy, although there might be nothing happening that you are elated about. The relaxation itself is creating a sense of peace, balance and happiness.

Wouldn't it be great to feel this way all the time? To train yourself to become more and more relaxed, despite the pressures of the crazy world around us?

You can do it. All you need to do is to start making different choices. You've been trained to perceive stress the way you do and you have stored it in your body.

What you need to do is become aware of when you're getting stressed and then practice a technique called coherence. This is a stress relief management tool that will help you to make the choice to regain your center. The result is a calm alertness, focused attention and better performance across the board. Of course, a benefit is improved relationships with your spouse and children. As you learn to operate from a sense of calm, rather than from a frantic, overwhelmed state, you will naturally be more humane and responsive.

It is the experience that is created by practicing with a natural stress relief product that will help you become progressively relaxed.

Now there are many stress relief products out there and just as many that do not work. Stay away from tools that require you to go into a darkened room and remove yourself from your family. They do not work. Oh, they may help to relax you a bit, but when you rejoin your family, nothing will really change because you haven't learned how to modify your response to stress.

What you need is a parent stress relief product that allows you to practice in the moment, as a situation escalates. It is the experience created by practicing that will help you to become less reactive over time because you will see that in each moment, you have a choice. The conscious attention you give to that choice will expand into right action that reveals a sense of calm, balance and imperturbability. What a beautiful precedent to set for your child!

The natural stress relief product I recommend gives you the tools to do this. A portable unit measures the coherence of your heart as you go about daily activities, interacting with your family and others. A piece of software (which works on both PCs and Macs) teaches you how to train yourself to resonate with your heart, even in moments of duress. This creates the space for clear thinking, a widened perspective and the best possible response.

Although there are many tools out there, I highly recommend this natural stress relief product. Again, I stress the importance of having a tool you can carry with you and use to practice with in daily life. After all, parents cannot be monks. This tool will allow you to learn the art modeled for us by sage of long ago—to "be in the world, but not of it."

Natural stress relief product for parent stress

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