My ten year old does not remember what the teacher taught at school?


My son is 10 years old. He never seems to remember whatever has been taught in school. He actually is physically present but is never hearing nor listening to what has been said. By constantly pushing him, he has started to remember the homework that has been given.

Earlier that too was not something he recollected. Anything that is taught at school except knowing what chapter was...he recalls nothing. He does not do well in his grades since I teach him from scratch at home. But the big problem is whatever has been taught at school is not getting into his head.

Earlier I thought he was not understanding the language, but since a while have noticed that in his tests, he picks on the words he knows and answers them...e.g. What are disadvantages of ABC? Since he know ABC he will write about it but has not bothered to understand that the question is about disadvantages.

I tested him for ADHD...but that result was negative. Does he have a learning disability problem?

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