My Stepson Brandon

by Nicole

Hi my name is Nicole. I am a wife and stepmother (no children of my own) to a 6 year old little boy name Brandon. I have been married to my husband for 3 years and have been in my stepsons life for 5 years. I love my husband with all my heart I love us when its just him and I time and I love being with him. My stepson on the other hand I love him but I dont love being with him over the years I have had to do everything for him take him and pick him up from school watch all day everyday and discipline him. His mother walked out on him when he was 6 months old due to sleeping with other men partying and drinking. I have gotten into arguments with her I dont like her at all she sees Brandon on the weekends when she gets him does not discipline him lets him do things she knows he is not allowed to do over here at our home where he lives. When he comes back his behavior is out of control he acts up in school throws fits at home ignores me disrespects me and I always end up having to discipline him because dads at work. My question is How do I discipline him without looking like the bad guy? And how do I make my relationship better with Brandon to where I enjoy being with him? I really dont like his mother and I think I take it out on him I need to stop that how though please help.:( Thanks Nicole

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