My Son Is Half Native American/ Half White

by casey
(pittsfield ma)

My son is 7 years old he is half Annishnabe and half polish he has two younger sisters who are white. My husband who is the only father that he has ever know is planning to adopt him. My question is we have been told that because my son is Native American that he falls under the Child Indian Welfare act and that I need to get his tribe's permission for my husband to adopt him and if I don't then his adoption of my son can be voided.

My son's father has never had contact with him and I was wondering if this was true. My son idenitifies with being native american more than being white because I think he just goes with what he looks like. He is very involved with his culture.

He has been having issues with our family being white and him being the only brown one as he puts it. He wants me to have another baby but for it to be a brown baby like him. Is there any way that I can make him feel more ok with our family make up?

Thank you,

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