My son is a smart mouth around his friends


My oldest is a helpful, caring and considerate 7 year old at home but turns into a smart mouth competitive little monster around his friends - how do I encourage him to stop and think before he tells his friends their toys are 'boring' and their games are 'dumb' before he loses friends?


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Nov 12, 2010
Child Belittles His Friends
by: Laura Ramirez

Your child belittles his friends in an attempt to feel superior. Although you are right to be concerned about his behavior, it will take time, patience and small interventions to change it.

Start by telling him a story about a boy whose best friend decided he didn't want to be friends anymore because he was constantly making negative comments and putting him down. Do this in a subtle way and do it during a time when your son is relaxed, happy and receptive. This is called a teaching story. Ask your son what the boy in the story could have done to prevent the outcome. If the story is not about him, he will be more likely to see the connection between what happened in the story and how he is treating his friends.

I've always told my boys that friends bring out the best in each other. Make this or something similar a motto in your family.

If you need more help with this or other issues, I have a parent coaching service.

Hope this helps.

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