My (not yet ex) husband has started dating a child of incest and is bringing my son with him

by Desiree'
(New Orleans)

The woman he is seeing is still married by the way, as is he. She is extremely promiscuous. She had many affairs in while she was married (in cars, trucks, vans, hotels, and even their house. She has a desperate need for male attention. Her father had an incestuous relationship with her (his favorite child) and several other children. He is still at her house close to 30 days a month. He even shows up to others houses when she is there. She has had alcohol and drug addictions in the past.

She did not tell my husband any of this but encouraged him to bring my son to meet her the very first day they had sex. He has repeatedly brought him to her house until 10 or 11 at night each time. I argue strongly that a child should never be introduced into a new relationship like this so soon.

At 3 weeks into it, he stated that he planned on marrying her within 3 months (before he knew she is still married, affairs, incest, etc.) He has lied extensively about EVERYTHING regarding this relationship. He even sent my son to sleep at someone else's house and woke up in her bed on Father's Day.

He is convinced that I am simply a control freak who is upset over the lack of control in this situation. I repeatedly ask him to spend time with his son alone so that my son knows that he is loved and not replaced. And to not bring him around this man-err on the side of caution and protect your son. He now says that I don't know the whole story and recently decided that nothing ever happened. He refuses to keep him away from this man.

She has manipulated him to the point of, what I fear, may be devastating consequences. What should I do? He has also bullied me into getting an attorney and refuses to give me a penny in child support. I don't want to let my son go with him at all. I don't want to keep them apart but I do need to protect my son. Help me?

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