My Doctor's Daughter

by Amy Bellezza
(Wilmington, Delaware)

I have come across a situation where I beieve the father is setting his daughter up for incest, possible sexual relations and pregnancy. Its all a process to him and coincidentally he is a psychiatrist.

I don't have any actual, physical proof but there is enough "in the air" and other allusions and behavior to suggest that this is true.

My main concern is the psychological damage that would be done to this child, she is only around 8 or 9. I would like to know how to prevent it.

It seems that this family lives in a world of fantasy and is rebellious in saying "we can do whatever we want".

Incest to me, is just another form of rape. It is agressive, angry, violent and victimizing. And the perpetrator has absolutely no consideration for his victim. They are just an object of desire and possibly a source of projection for the perpetrators object of rage (ie: his mother).

What do you do in a situation like this and how can you take preventive measures?

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Nov 15, 2012
thank you
by: Anonymous

This is a frightening story. Thank you for writing it down and thank you for noticing the young girl's plight. I was incested by my father, a psychiatrist, and it has affected me in more ways than I can say. Sometimes I wonder if people noticed how he was with me. This makes me think that someone took note of his behavior as well. Bless you. I hope you're able to make a difference in her young life.

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