My boyfriends son and ex wife are trying to break us up

by Heather

I want to start by saying that I love my boy friend and his son, however I am wondering if this is the relationship of my dreams. I thought it was... is I am not sure any more. I have 2 boys of my own one 14 and one 7. They are not perfect at all, however I am really scared to go into public with his son, the racist jokes, noises, yelling at passing cars, rude behavior, aside from the normal teenage stuff... not even my 7 year old behaves this way and he is 14. Then he goes back and forth telling lies about us to his mom, like he watches my youngest when he is here on the weekends the whole time. My youngest spends the weekends at his dads... My oldest is having problems the boy makes comments and gestures about being gay towards him, goes through his things, takes stuff and more but when he is confronted he lies, and his dad gets mad at me and my children for saying anything.

The mom (ex-wife) will call for money or whatever that she thinks she is entitled to all the time. she makes costly long term decisions without discussing it with him and he just does whatever she wants so he can see his son including babysitting her baby from her current relationship. I am stuck all I want is the ex to stop and the son to have manners. maybe that is asking too much, will someone please help me...

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Nov 15, 2012
Same thing
by: Anonymous

I'm going through the same thing!!! My boyfriend's son is being a bear every weekend making it very difficult for me to look forward to weekends anymore.

My boyfriend still talks to his wife (they aren't officially divorced yet) about EVERYTHING... their son, video games, her relationship problems, EVERYTHING. It's driving me CRAZY.

What I'm learning is that you have to stick up for YOURSELF at some point. In the beginning I thought that everything was great but now he's postponing the divorce because she's still in love with him and he says she will not sign the papers... this process could take YEARS. I'm in a conundrum right now because I love him but I am not willing to wait for HER to make up her mind.

Have you done anything else at this point? Because I need some advice too!

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