Mother with a grown Daughter of 34 years

by Shelia Rainwater
( Tupelo, Mississippi)

My daughter has been living with me for 3 years now after getting out of the Pen. She has a phone on contract with my phone. She has brought a man in that just got out of the Pen himself. On July 29 2012 he got drunk and locked himself out of the house. He broke my sliding back door and started counting. He was going to break the other door. I had 2 glass paneshe had broke one then he started counting. She got up and opened the door and he started beating on her. I woke up when he broke the glass door and went to my daughters room were they were and he stopped beating on her and said I'll show ya'll. So he went in the kitchen and got a knife and slit his wrist. As she was holding a towel on it he got mad and told her to stop. He started hitting her and kicking her where ever he could . Then he put the knife to her neck and I grabbed him in a neck hold. She got away and he turned on me. He hit me 3 times and put the knife to my neck. She had gone to get a bat and hit him with it. I called the Policeman and he was taken to jail. She kept saying he needs help . Well he's gone now she has another man here who just got out of the pen. She has nowhere to go and keeps telling me she will kill herself if things don't go her way . I am worried that she might do if . My late Husband killed himself because of PTSD and my brother did as well. So now what do I do? I can't keep supporting them . Tell me what to do. I know I need to get her out because I am enabling her. HELP ME..

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